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Floorshow – Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing Specialists In Melbourne

When you need high-quality floor sanding and polishing services in Melbourne, you can rely on Floorshow to provide the best results. From sanding and staining through to the application of coatings and finishes, we have the experience and expertise to ensure a spectacular result every time.


Using high-performance belt sanding machines, we can accurately sand timber floor surfaces flat and smooth, as well as blending edges without marking paintwork. While we can provide floor sanding for all applications, a higher standard and quality of sanding is required for stained floors. Correct staining necessitates the use of specialised precision equipment, fine high-quality abrasives, additional processes, and an attention to detail that is not required for ordinary floor sanding and polishing. Fortunately, as floor sanding specialists, our team has the know-how to correctly prepare timber floors for staining.


We use stain which is applied directly to the timber then toned to obtain excellent clarity, sharpness and depth. This is the traditional way to stain timber – other methods of tinting, such as mixing stain into the finish, are vastly inferior.

At Floorshow, we mix all our own stains and therefore have an infinite range of colours to choose from. We also specialise in limed, white washed and solid coloured floors. If you’re interested in learning more about our options, contact us – samples are available on request.

Coatings And Finishes

We offer all types of coatings and finishes, each specially designed for timber floor polishing. All coatings and finishes have a number of different properties to consider:

  • Durability – Hard soled footwear, combined with high grit levels, will abrade even the toughest coating quickly – and indentation and/or scratching can occur if objects are dropped, dragged or moved across a timber floor. If durability is a necessity, Polyurethane and two pack water based coatings offer excellent toughness.
  • Flexibility – Abnormal movement in a timber floor may result in splitting, clumping, and delamination at the edges when high-strength coatings are used. Abnormal movement will occur if the flooring is structurally faulty, has been incorrectly acclimatised, or is subject to significant temperature or humidity variation. Timber floors can also expand and contract with moisture content changes due to changes in heat, humidity and ventilation. Waxed and oiled floors cope well with floors that require extra flexibility.
  • Appearance – Polyurethane leaves a thick plastic film which yellows with time. For those who find this unappealing, oil, wax and new ultra-matte water-based finishes leave a grainier natural look which is now preferred by most people. These quality water-based coatings are also non-yellowing.
  • Toxicity – Polyurethane and traditional oil and wax finishes are toxic during application and continue to outgas for some time after application. Pregnant women, young children and the highly sensitive should vacate the flooring work site for at least seven days after completion. Water-based coatings are a better choice where floors need to be used immediately after completion.

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