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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will sanding our floor take?

A. As most coating systems require overnight dry times the usual job will be a minimum of two/ three days. This time frame may be extended depending on the size of the job. As an estimate, we are able to sand on average 50 square meters / day. Remember to add the time for the coats to be applied and dry after that

Q. Will there be fumes? And can I live at home while my floors are being sanded?

A. Yes all coatings will produce some odour during drying. Waterborne finishes are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and it is possible to remain for the duration. All other finishes will generally require you to vacate the building during works. However, as every job is different, we will provide advice to you concerning your house layout or coatings used to ensure they meet your requirements.

Q. What floor finish should we use?

A. Water borne coatings are currently the most widely used timber floor coatings. The better brands are extremely durable, non-yellowing, natural looking and come in a range of finishes from gloss to extra matt. Solvent based polyurethane on the other hand provides a very long lasting and high gloss finish if that is desired.

Q. What type of gloss level should we use?

A. The sheen level on a floor is entirely a personal choice. Factors which could affect your decision include: I) whether the areas have large floor to ceiling windows - a lot of light on a high gloss floor will cause glare. ii) Whether you have a dusty environment - gloss floors show a lot of dust, due to their reflective nature. Currently matte is the sheen of choice favoured by most interior designers and specifiers.

Q. What will I have to do to prepare the floor?

A. Remove all existing floor coverings including tacks, staples and any smooth edge carpet strips from the floor.   Remove all furniture, curtains, blinds, appliances, food items and wall hangings. Even though dust from the sanding will be reduced with the modern equipment we use, some dust will be unavoidable.  Hence, it might be best to shut doors to the other parts of the house and/or cover furniture or equipment if applicable.

Q. Once the job is complete, when can I move my furniture back?

A.  High-end coatings such as Bona Traffic HD can be put back to full use after twenty four hours. Solvent based polyurethane and other less durable finishes require more time, we will of course provide all details once a finishing system is chosen.

Q. Do you fill the gaps between floor boards?

A. Generally no, because there can be some movement between floorboards that will force rigid fillers to break apart. Flexible fillers can be used in some instances however it is time consuming and expensive and should be specified prior to quoting. Most people view the gaps as part of the charm and patina that can only be delivered by beautifully polished floorboards

Q. Can I paint prior to floor polishing?

A. Yes, our equipment is new, well maintained and we have the skills required to take the utmost care not to mark or damage walls, skirting boards, cabinetry etc.

Q. Do you leave any rubbish behind?

A. No, we take and dispose of all dust bags, used material, paint containers etc.





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