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Floorshow are Melbourne’s timber deck and veranda re-surfacing experts

Rejuvenation, pressure washing, sanding and resealing services are offered.

Step one is to have Floorshow visit and inspect your deck for an obligation free assessment and quote.

Although most decks have timber planks, that is often where the similarities end.

There are lots of different types of wood, softwood or hardwood, fully or partially exposed with  all sorts of finishes that are either in the process of peeling, fading or that have all but disappeared.

There are many reasons that can make re-coating difficult or easy and to list all of the variables would be difficult.

Each and every deck has its idiosyncrasies and each has to be assessed on its own state of repair.

The one factor that applies for nearly all decks regardless of age is that prior to re-coating, the surface must be returned to new, clean timber.

To achieve this, Floorshow sands all the timber that needs to be re-coated. Anything other than sanding will result in a sub-standard finish.

Occasionally a satisfactory result can be achieved with a specialized scrubbing machine and high-pressure washer along with specialised cleaning chemicals.

There are many factors that need to be considered but Floorshow has pursued and developed many methods to achieve great results.

Floorshow has assisted countless home owners restore their decks to a satisfying and protected finish.

We use and recommend Sikkens Cetol Deck finish as we believe it offers the longest lasting finish on the market with an extremely user friendly application process.

Sikkens is readily available in leading hardware and paint shops. For those that don’t want to do the recoating themselves we will happily re-coat when required.

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