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Staircases in Melbourne

If your project involves restoration or sanding and polishing of a timber staircase, you may experience difficulty in finding a flooring contractor in Melbourne with either interest or capability.

Staircase Restoration Sanding, Staining and Polishing

Floorshow is a specialist and one of the few flooring contractors in metropolitan Melbourne to possess the required equipment, skill and experience to professionally finish timber staircases. We have more than 20 years’ experience with refinishing of all types of timber staircases.

Sanding, staining and polishing of timber staircases is a highly time consuming process requiring specialized small sanding machines and other tools, much of the work may need to be performed by hand. Once completed though, a tired old staircase can become a beautiful focal point in any home.

In many homes in Melbourne, beautiful hardwood or Baltic and Kauri pine staircases are covered with carpet, these can also be restored to become a stunning centrepiece. Floorshow is Melbourne’s leading floor and staircase sanding, staining and polishing services in Melbourne and beyond

In the same way timber floors can be clear coated or stained, wooden staircases can be finished with a wide variety of coatings from natural oils, advanced two component waterborne finishes or super durable commercial grade polyurethanes.

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