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Solvent-Based Finishes

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Information About Solvent-Based Finishes

If you’re considering applying a solvent-based finish to your floors, it’s important to understand the risks involved. These finishes can give off toxic fumes that contain harmful free isocyanates, which can affect the respiratory system and be dangerous for asthma sufferers, children, and the elderly. As a result, solvent-based floor finishes are classed as poisons.

To avoid negative health consequences, homeowners should leave their house until a solvent-based coating has been fully cured (approximately between 7 to 14 days). Sometimes fumes from these finishes can even seep into food in pantries and refrigerators, so you should take precautions to remove all food. Plants, paintings and pets should also be relocated until the finish is completely cured.
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Looking For A Non-Toxic Alternative?

If you’d prefer to use a non-toxic finish that doesn’t come with the health risks of a solvent-based finish, a Bona waterborne floor finish is highly recommended. These finishes cause no toxic fumes or isocyanates, so there’s no need to vacate your home. Plus Bona’s modern polyurethane finishes offer fantastic wear resistance, won’t go yellow over time, and can enhance the beauty of timber floors without impacting on your health.

Today’s advances in technology means waterborne finishes are able to provide wear resistance that’s as good as – and sometimes better than – solvent-based products. Due to the absence of toxic-fumes, they’re also a popular option for commercial premises that want to cause minimal disruption to business operations.
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The Advantages Of Waterborne Finishes

Bona’s waterborne finishes offer a wide range of advantages over solvent-based finishes. These include:

  • All Bona finishes are classified as non-toxic.
  • There is no need to vacate a building while the finish is curing (which can take up to 2 weeks for solvent-based finishes).
  • Bona waterborne finishes are non-yellowing, fast drying and have fantastic wear
  • There is a great selection of sheen levels available to choose from. Plus unlike solvent-based finishes that can make floors look plastic, Bona finishes have a natural appearance that highlights the beauty of the timber.

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