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We cater for the most particular customers , we all want the perfect colour scheme in our home, especially on a focal point like the timber floors. Floorshow has a wide range of samples and custom colours, you are sure to find the exact colour you like.

Considered by many as “best in the business” Floorshow is one of the first in Melbourne to specialize in staining, liming and solid colouring of timber floors

Staining your sanded floor will give your room a whole new look and is particularly effective if you are looking for a unique or special effect when you have plain or commonly coloured floorboard

We offer a wide range of stains to choose from helping you create the look you desire for your home. Colours range from black to white and everything in between.

There are different types of wood stains – pigmented wiping stain, spirit stain, water based stain and chemically reactive stains. Application methods can vary producing a particular effect.

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