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Polished Floor Boards Melbourne


Timber Floor Refinishing Services


All German sanding equipment combined with 25 years’ experience and strict adherence to the applicable Australian Standards gives Floorshow an edge over ordinary flooring contractors.

Our powerful accurate machines with highly efficient dust containment systems produce beautifully sanded timber floors.

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Once preparatory sanding is complete, floorboards and parquetry, require a coating or finish to both protect and enhance the appearance of the timber.

There are numerous types of finishes, Floorshow will take the time to show you our comprehensive samples and assist you to make an informed choice.

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Staining is a process which changes the natural colour of a wooden floor. Skilled application of custom stains enhances and clarifies timber grain producing an exquisite colour co-ordinated effect.

Liming is pigmented wiping stain usually white achieving a lighter somewhat opaque look. Grey and other white based colours are becoming increasingly popular.

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Floorshow offers a complete floor repair and installation service.

We supply and replace damaged timber boards, parquetry, decking and floating floors.

We have stock of reclaimed Baltic, Kauri, Rimu Pine and most Australian hardwoods in a variety of sizes.

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Timber staircase sanding, staining and finishing requires additional skill sets – much is done by hand and small specialized power tools.

Floorshow is one of the few companies in Melbourne having the necessary ability, knowledge and skill to successfully finish staircases.

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Decks & Cork Floors

Floorshow is Melbourne’s timber deck and veranda re-surfacing experts – Rejuvenation, pressure washing, sanding and resealing services are offered.

Floorshow has extensive experience in resurfacing cork flooring over many years. Cork floors can be sanded, stained and coated with Polyurethane and other coatings.

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Specialists in Polishing Floorboards & Timber Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Floorshow Timber Floors is a first generation wood floor polishing business, servicing home owners, builders, shopfitters, designers and architects right across Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding suburbs.

We provide custom staining and polishing of residential and commercial wooden floors, big or small. With an emphasis on custom mixed stains, liming, solid colours, sanding and polishing, we strive to deliver excellent results that are sure to impress.

Experience You Can Trust

Floorshow has been doing business in the timber flooring trade for over twenty years in Melbourne, and has provided high-end services to many builders and designers of prestigious projects nationally. As a result of our many years of experience, we can provide expert services for any of your hardwood floor needs in a prompt and courteous manner. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we promise that you will be ‘floored’ by the results!

Floor Sanding, Staining & Polishing

In addition to offering high-quality floor polishing and staining, we also provide highly accurate sanding. Using specialised precision equipment, we can sand floors smooth and flat to ensure they’re adequately prepared for staining or polishing. We’re also proud to offer an extensive range of floor stains and polishes to choose from, including oil-based and water-based options. Whether you prefer the look of polished floorboards or stained timber floors for your Melbourne home or business, we can provide a solution that suits your specific tastes. We can also provide samples upon request, helping to simplify the selection process.

Stairs, Decks And More

At Floorshow, we don’t just specialise in floors – we also provide our sanding, polishing and staining services for other surfaces, including stairs, decks and verandas. Whether you want to resurface your deck to transform it into an attractive outdoor entertaining area, or polish your staircase to create a stunning centrepiece, you can rely on us to deliver exceptional results.

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To learn more about our services, or to arrange for a quote for polished floorboards in Melbourne, get in touch with the team at Floorshow today – simply call us on 0418 533 949. Alternatively, you can also submit an enquiry through our online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can old wooden floors be sanded and polished?

Yes, old wooden floors can be sanded and polished even if they’re damaged. Sanding and polishing may even salvage old floors and this process is a much cheaper option than having a wooden floor replaced.

How long does the sanding and polishing process take?

The time it takes to finish sanding and polishing a floor depends on the size and condition of the flooring. But generally, the process takes 2 to 4 days to complete.

What is the cost of floor sanding and polishing?

The cost of sanding a polishing a floor will depend on its condition, your choice of finish and whether any repairs are needed. We provide a free consultation, before any work commences.

Does the sanding process create huge amounts of dust?

Our floor sanding procedure is done with our high performance Lagler Super Hummel 12’’ belt sanding machine. This machine has a powerful external dust extraction to ensure no dust gets left behind on the floor or in the air.

Should I clean my floors before sanding starts?

We do recommend a clean floor before the sanding procedure can begin. This helps to prevent damage to our sanding machines and allows us to get the job done on schedule.

How long after sanding and polishing can I walk on my floors?

This depends on what type of floor polish you’ve chosen. Most polished floors should be ok to walk over around 24 hours after the last top coat has been applied. But, our floor experts will give more information regarding the floor polish you request.

Can I stay in my house while the work is in progress?

If you live in an area of the house not being polished, then it’s fine for you to stay while we do our work. However, there will be some inconvenience with the smell and noise and many of our clients arrange for us to do our work while they’re away for a few days.

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